The truth is, you can get hurt doing anything athletics. You can get hurt walking through your house! Injuries are a part of life, so sure, you COULD get hurt doing CrossFit, but it’s unlikely that happens at J3. Why? Our primary goal is to make you more active and healthier by moving better, and so we focus on mobility and movement.


 We all need to move better than we currently do. At J3, we do this through a laser focus on mobility. So much so that we have dedicated area for it in the gym. We’re stocked with anything you’d ever need to allow your joints to move smoothly and be pain free through any movement. We also have an array of videos available for you to try at home, if you’re not feeling like leaving the house. Check them out HERE


A focus on movement patterns and technique, over lifting heavy weight, is where we excel. With over 20 years coaching experience, our staff has seen it all and fixed it all. Words don’t do it justice though, sign up for a Discovery Session and see for yourself. You can get started HERE