Tim Burke


Co-Owner/Coach Tim Burke has been coaching CrossFit for an astounding 11 years. He also spent years teaching CrossFit Strongman seminars at CrossFit gyms around the world. But to him, it’s not all about building muscles. "I am passionate about making people happy through exercise," he says. "We all do this for slightly different reasons, but in the end, having fun and being happy is the top priority."

Tim was about to buy a restaurant when he fell in love with CrossFit and decided to do a career 180. "I saw early on how my knowledge and encouragement made my clients better athletes and people," he says. "It was then I knew I couldn’t go back to the restaurant world. I took a big pay cut and began coaching CrossFit full time."

Ever wonder why the kettlebells at J3 are always so organized? That’s because on two separate occasions, Tim has dropped a dumbbell/kettlebell on his foot and broken his toe. First the pinky toe, then the middle toe. "That’s why it’s so important to put kettlebells back neatly!" he says.