Our programs are meticulously designed to help make you move better, sweat, and feel good about yourself.

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Our CrossFit group classes are a perfect blend of Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and Bodyweight movements to make you move, sweat and get in shape FAST. Our classes are led from start to finish by a coach who will help you move better and encourage you to use your fitness to push to new limits.


Private Training

Private training is where it all starts. From learning new movements to fine tuning your skills, private training is where the magic happens. Working one on one with one of our experienced trainers, we’ll design a program that is tailor made just for you. Looking for that first pullup? Want a jump start on fitting into your old clothes? Private training is your best value.


J3 Juniors

Our kids class is perfect for kids ages 8 through 12. It’s here that your kids will learn proper movement and technique, gain strength, and more importantly, become a more confident version of themselves. It goes without saying that confidence breeds success.