Our Story

J3 Athletics was born from a desire to help individuals live a more confident and active lifestyle. Having seen family members struggle with mobility, injury recovery, and overall mental and physical health prompted us ensure that our future is less reliant on medication to solve our problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make you more confident, active, mobile and injury free all while keeping things fun and goal oriented.

Our How 

Through a constant variety of movements, our workouts keep your body guessing and therefore never plateauing. A mixture of gymnastics, bodyweight training and weight training provides a never ending spectrum of workouts so that you continue to see improvement in your body, confidence, and overall fitness.

For me, fitness is a part of my everyday life. But fitness does not mean having big muscles; it means being active, quick, and flexible. It can be defined in many terms.
— Varun Dhawan

Our core values


  • Commitment

  • Respect

  • Hard Work

  • Caring

Our core values drive what we do every single day. We look for the same in our members. Find out what these mean to us at your free discovery session!