James Moran


Co-Owner/Coach James Moran has been CrossFitting for nine years and specializes in mobility and kettlebell work. His goal is to help the most people possible break through their limits and push past all limitations in training and in life. "I want people to be more confident in themselves, which in turn will limit depression, addictions and violence in the world, making it a better place," he says.

James takes a lot of pride in helping members move better, especially those that thought they’d never have a certain range of motion again. "I also love watching people take the steps toward their goals in the gym," he says. "Getting that one step closer to a pullup or getting that first box jump is a great thing to see as a coach. The more baby steps they take, you can see the confidence in them grow."

He’s played hockey since he was 3 years old and even got the chance to play in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. He still plays once a week, when he’s not hanging out on his boat. "I love being on the water almost as much as hockey," he says.