5 Snacks to Boost Your Energy

We all hit the dreaded mid-day slump every so often.  We turn to sugary snacks or coffee to give us a jolt back to reality, but these things are not great options if we’re trying to eat a little healthier.  Often times, they end up making us crash right back down to that drowsy state again.  Check out the video for our 5 favorite snacks that can help boost your energy in both the short and long term.

Eat Your Way to Health

Many of you may have heard the phrase “you can’t out train a bad diet.”  Even if you haven’t, it still rings true.  So, you’re stuck on how to get started on a better you?  Focus on your food!

We all love food, though any of us are not eating for optimal health.  There are hundreds of “diets” out there that claim to get you that tight belly you want, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.  To get started on the right track focus on your Macronutrients.

What are those you ask?  Well, they are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.

Proteins should come from fresh meats, ideally organic without hormones.  Some organic chicken or fish baked in the oven with some spices is one of my favorite meals.  Proteins are good for maintaining long term energy.

Carbohydrates are primarily fruits and vegetables.  We want to avoid getting our carbs from grains like bread and pasta as they raise our blood sugar levels and give you that dreaded “food coma.”  I’m Italian, so this is quite hard to do in my family, but to get started on a healthier you, try cutting bread and pasta out of your diet for 2 weeks and I guarantee you’ll feel better.  Fruits like apples, bananas,  peaches, pineapples and grapes all provide varying healthy benefits and go AWESOME together in a fruit salad.

Fats.  The line for what is good and bad with fats is one that takes a while to get right.  I’m still working on it within my daily routine.  The key to starting out is to avoid saturated fats like those found in many dairy products like milk, cheese and butter.  Sources of good fats come from nut like almonds and walnuts, as well as avacados and coconuts.  So, instead of buying that gallon of whole milk for your coffee, buy yourself a half gallon of coconut milk or coconut water and watch yourself start to feel like a million bucks!

If you need more help with your nutrition, contact us today.  We offer a lot more than CrossFit Group Training, Personal Training, and getting you that 6 pack you want for the summer!  We help you in every aspect of your life.